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Jimmy Shore

Jimmy when he was a little boy

One look at my childhood pictures, and you can see why I dress the way I do. One particular picture comes to mind right away. This is my second grade class picture. I was sporting a crew cut hairdo, with a alfalfa like cow-lick in the front. You would think I was hiding a mouthful of gold coins with that closed lip smile from ear to ear ! In reality, it was to hide my missing two front teeth !

My shirt was a madras plaid, which would have matched perfectly with almost any solid color sports jacket, but it clashed terribly with my white and gray hounds tooth jacket. Then to top off the combo, I had on a pinstriped bow tie and a solid brown fake handkerchief in my pocket. What a fashion statement ! I thought I was so cool back then, even though I really didn't have a clue.

I guess this would explain why even today, I'm wearing things that nobody else wears. What can I say? "My mamma dressed me funny." That's okay-I'm carrying on a family tradition. And I still think I'm cool. Maybe I still don't have a clue? Oh well!

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