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Aromatherapy is an ancient form of healing using the essential oils derived from plants and flowers to treat emotional disorders such as stress and anxiety as well as a myriad of other ailments including arthritis, backache, bronchitis, headaches and fatigue. Aromatherapy is truly a holistic therapy taking into consideration the mind, body, and spirit of the client seeking help as well as their lifestyle, nutritional patterns, relationships,etc.

Aromatherapy treatment looks beyond the mere application of essential oils, the therapist will seek to guide the client in a holistic manner to maintaining a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Each essential oil has several properties unlike synthetic drugs or even active principles withdrawn from plants which are tailored to treat a specific symptom.

The effects of essential oils are often balancing, assisting the body to return from an imbalanced state which leads to illness, to a balanced state symbolizing health and well-being.The effectiveness of the treatment is due to the fact that aromatherapy essential oils are administered once or twice a week over a period of not less than one month, thus stimulating the body's self-healing processes.

Many aromatherapists embrace the Oriental belief of Yin and Yang- opposing energies which exist in a state of dynamic balance. When all the energies of the body, mind, and spirit are in a complete state of balance, the person is in a state of health or homeostasis.

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